A Narrative History of Spartan Enology Society
"I was involved clubs such as The Lodging & Gaming Management Association and Society for Food Service Management during my first few years at The School of Hospitality Business. By Junior year I withdrew from LGMA because I lost interest in Hotels & Casinos and SFM didn't seem to put enough emphasis on my new passion: Wine!

As I began committing myself to wine study, I found that there was an abundance of opportunities for wine appreciation & education in East Lansing. Some opportunities were through MSU, some through national organizations and some based off of connections made with beverage industry professionals. I tied all these sources together for my personal study and created a great wine program for myself. However it was missing one important element: other passionate students like myself.

It turns out, there are a lot of Michigan State Spartans that are interested in wine, but are lacking the setting to fully take advantage of the opportunities in their own backyard. John Triblo and I hope Spartan Enology Society will unite these students and provide them with the setting and tools to fully develop their appreciation and knowledge of wine. 
Overall, I believe there is a tremendous opportunity for Spartan Enology Society here at Michigan State and I anticipate great things to come"

In Hospitality,

Brian Weber
Spartan Enology Society
The School of Hospitality Business